• Naseem Syed

‘Life in my Hand’ by Rhian Hutchings


I am an arts leader who is passionate about how creativity can change lives. I make participatory community opera with young people and communities. I am currently CEO of Anthem Music Fund Wales.

Has lockdown changed you? How? Why?

Lockdown has made me truly understand the value of family, home and community. I got to stop and look around and think about what I needed to do to support the people around me.

What made you smile or brought you joy in lockdown? Can you explain it?

My family made me laugh. Lockdown was scary and unexpected, but we came together and found a way to find joy in small things. We walked, cooked, danced, laughed and thanked the universe that we had our health.

Have you changed since lockdown? Tell me why.

I understand now what balance looks like in my life and how the things which are not work - time for me, my family, music, art, laughter - make my work life richer. Everything I do is bound together. The energy I send out to the universe is returned to me.

What is the story behind your hand art?

I wanted to explore all the strands of my life through what I held in my hand, how I counted them off on my fingers. This started with words on paper, but then extended into things I found in my home and images that meant something to me. Colour is an important part of my world - as is music.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I found the experience of making this piece very affirming. It was a mindful exercise that needed time and deep thought. I don't consider myself a visual artist, but I really enjoyed making this piece. Huge thanks to Naz for this project and reaching out with her wonderful, generous, creative spirit.

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