• Naseem Syed

Lockdown 1.0

Has lockdown changed you? How? Why?

I wouldn't say lockdown has changed me as such, however it has made me realise a few things. Firstly the importance of loving the space around you. During lockdown I discovered and rediscovered local places I'd either never been to or had totally forgotten. Usually I would use my car to go out and about and get out for the day, however lockdown taught me this isn't necessary. Also it made me really realise the importance of family and friends in my life, and how much I rely on these people.

What made you smile or brought you joy in lockdown? Can you explain it?

Beauty in local places! Looking up at the sky, watching sunsets, sun rises, cloud formations, storms brewing.... I've always loved the sky but lockdown seemed to enhance this for me! When on a walk I'd look up through a tree full of blossom and into the sky and just think aren't we lucky that the world is so beautiful.

Have you changed since lockdown? Tell me why.

No I don't think I have changed since lockdown, I just think I appreciate small things more now.

What is the story behind your hand art?

My art shows the good and the bad for me during lockdown. There were loads of things I loved during lockdown and got me through... being creative, the sky, sunsets, local walks, late nights and the growth of my relationship with my partner. However I also struggled. I had days when I felt awful, felt like I had no purpose and lay in bed for hours crying at nothing. Despite living with my partner there were days when I felt lonely and missed everyone else in my life's company. These feelings ran through most days, even my best days and this is what my art is showing. The positive parts of my lockdown, intertwined with the darkness and struggle.

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