• Naseem Syed

'Lost Time Can Never Be Found Again' by Cathleen Cheshire

I am 84 years old and very active. I volunteer at the league of friends buffet at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport. I help with coffee mornings at my church and enjoy walking and knitting. 

Has lockdown changed you?

I feel lockdown has taken away a lot of my independence, as I can no longer safely use public transport, I can no longer do the volunteering I love. I miss meeting and chatting to people. 

What made you smile or brought you joy in lockdown? 

Honestly, nothing has brought me joy in lockdown. I am not miserable, I am just very angry and frustrated with the current situation. 

Have you changed since Lockdown?

At times I have had days where I have been very low and just not wanted to do anything.

What is the story behind your hand art? 

The background represents the darkness I am currently in. The light fabric represents us coming out of Covid 19. The hourglass is the time I have lost, the hands represent time lost, going into darkness. The hands touching the Covid bacteria represents how it has touched everyone/aspect of life. The syringe is my hope for a vaccination, the rays of light are a hope for the future.  

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