• Naseem Syed

Socially Distanced Workshop at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre

I ran a social distance workshop at the Grange with some of the team there. Also supporting some 1 to 1 to develop ideas and use different art mediums and sewing techniques, to express their thoughts and stories to represent their time in lockdown.

This is one of the elements I have missed the most with what I do each day.

Being able to connect with other people and help support their creative ideas. Being able to talk through and buzz of ideas, see the quiet thoughts and concentration on people’s faces, the spark and energy when people are proud of what they have created. This was my first workshop since the beginning of lockdown in March. So it  meant a lot to be able to chat and help others create face to face. Real people! 

It was quite emotional hearing some of the stories of loss and beautiful memories. Stitching, drawing, printing, painting their artwork. Each piece is unique to the person and their experience. Even though we were at a distance, sharing our stories and artwork made everyone feel closer. 

I can’t wait to share their stories with you. 

Some lovely feedback from the workshop below:

“Being in a room with fellow creatives was warm, funny and inspiring. Ideas flowed more freely for having real people there working and creating in front of you, instead of a screen.” Louise

“At the start of this project I had no idea what to do although I knew what subject to include. Naz helped me come up with a concept and some materials to get going. I haven’t created or made anything for a long time, so it was lovely to receive encouragement, advice and compliments from Naz and others that attended the workshops.” Alice

Thanks to project partner, Llantarnam Grange for the support and wonderful

workshop space.

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